Weekly Bulletin Feb 25th

This Weeks Updates

So this week we have done a few awesome things!  First, we now have an in-world location where we have set up a bunch of info kiosks and games for you to play.  We are hoping to have a game night soon so people can hang out and get to know each other while playing Pictionary.  We have also added an Activities tab where we plan to add lots of fun things we find (suggestions welcome) that people can go do that isn’t shopping!  So that is where we are at 😀

Freebies - Cheapies - Group Gifts

So we have gathered some freebies and cheapies etc this week to add to our lists.  Here is an overview of what we have found.  It’s not a lot this week but we have been up to other things like setting up the Headquarters.


Sweet Thing | Womens Clothing & Accessories, Discount Area upstairs – Some Body CompatibilityStarting at 99L

Free To Join Groups With Gifts

Saga | Female Jewellery & Accessories – Gifts & Lucky Boards

Arte | Makeup Appliers – Gifts

AsteroidBox | Shoes, some unisex & Accessories – Gifts

Group With Gifts

Wicca’s Wardrobe | Womens Clothing & Accessories. Some Accessories can be Unisex – Gifts99L

AzDesign | Mesh & Applier unisex eyes – Gifts100L

Also has Midnight Mania Board & Lucky Chairs with no group required.

Psycho Barbie | Womens Clothing & Accessories – Gifts100L

Sintiklia | Womens Hair & Makeup – Group Gifts250L

Also has Lucky Letters and Freebies (1L returned)


So the new Activites Tab has a focus on fun stuff to do in SL.  We hope to pack this full of places to go on adventues, places to play games and places to hang out.  There are a few places added to this already including the Artifact Hunt that Ylva wrote an article about earlier this week.  *Click Here To Read* and Salchicha County which she also wrote an article about *Clicky For Article*


We hope you are all enjoying how things are going.  Feedback is very much welcome as well as all your suggestions as to things we can add.  I have had some already that I need to sort through before next weeks Bulletin. So thank you to those who gave suggestions!

Also a huge shout out to Jillybean who’s awesome donation is the whole reason we managed to get the Pictionary board.  Thank you our Feline Faery 😀

Now, I hope to see you all come and hang out 😛

♥ Astara

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