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Hello, lovelies.  It is a bitterly cold day here in Scotland, but do you know what isn’t bitter and cold?  The Truth VIP Group.  Ok, that was a silly way to start this post, but it is true.

Truth Hair has been in Second Life for 10 years, so they really are veterans when it comes to hair.  In my personal opinion, they are one of the best and actually have proper ginger colors which is something I really appreciate as not everyone does it quite right.  Just over a year ago they launched Truth VIP, a group in Second Life that costs just 350L to join.  “Just 350L?!”, Yes!  That is quite high for a joining a group compared to many other groups in Second Life, however, I am going to cover all the reasons why it is totally worth it and why we here at SLS recommend you join up, especially if you are new to SL.  Of course, I am going to leave the best reason to last so you better read 😛


Firstly, this isn’t just any old group.  It is very social, more of a community.  There are many very friendly and helpful members of the group, and as much as I complain when the group keeps opening when I am recording videos, it is a very helpful group.  There have been quite a few times where I am looking for something and I can’t remember where I saw it, who made it etc and if you ask the Truth group someone will help.  Let’s say you are looking for a nice evening gown to wear to a wedding, but you want it to be rainbow.  Ask the group, within minutes you will have people throwing you LM’s and giving their recommendations for where to find what you are looking for.  They are a very helpful bunch of shopaholics are the Truthies.


Secondly, you get access to exclusive sales, events, and contests.  Whenever there is a sale, VIP members get early access, meaning you are more likely to get in before the store is full.  You get access to exclusive events and parties sometimes too, like the New Years Party for example.  Contests and giveaways are a regular occurrence in the VIP too.  Like as I write this there is a story contest to win a fatpack of the upcoming hair release for Uber.  A couple of days ago, Amber one of the mods for the group, was doing a giveaway in chat for some of the gacha hairs.  I won one of the prizes and I have also won one in the past too.


Thirdly, and possibly the best reason.  Free fatpacks of hair.  Mhmm you heard me right, fatpacks of hair for free.  Each month Truth makes an exclusive hair for the VIP Group, and it isn’t just 1 color or 1 color pack, it is a full fatpack of 10 color HUDs.  So let me put this into perspective.  It is 300L for a regular color pack of hair or 400L for a selection pack of hair.  That is just 1 pack of hair with 32 colors in it.  For your 350L join fee you get a hair with 320 colors every single month!  How awesome is that?  BTW a fatpack of hairs costs 1200:, so you know, its a steal if you ask me.  Below are the most recent 4 hairs we have gotten:

So, in conclusion:  Join the group!

Just do it!

It is well worth the join fee, and if you are a new member to SL it is a great way to get new hair on a regular basis without having to pay 300-400L each time.  There have only been 2 hairs we have gotten which I personally didn’t like very much and quite a few that I just love and adore and wear all the time.  So what are you waiting for?  Join!  Become a Truthie today!

♥ Astara

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