Do Not Get TMP!

For those of you who may have heard that TMP – The Mesh Project now has their bodies and heads on sale for $500L for a heads & bodies, do not fall for it.  There are so many reasons that this body system is not worth it anymore at all.  Before anyone gets all pissy, yes I have that body and I regretted buying it 20 minutes after the fact.

Here is why:

  • No Omega options
  • Poorly done alpha HUD, which had no save options for some versions of the bodies.  Legit you had to pay more, on top of already high prices, to get this option.
  • Oh yeah, it cost WAY WAY too much up until now.  Sure it’s on sale now, but was far and beyond the price of any other bodies out there.  They had tiered versions so you had to pay to get a lot of the features that most other bodies included with theirs (and the other bodies cost less).
  • User HUD required for all clothing layers, skins, makeup, etc..  It was not set up well, as well as it lagged quite often and was overall just not friendly.
  • Does not work well with SL body sliders if you are looking for a full figured curvier shape without being lumpy.  Honestly, it did not work with sliders well either way.
  • Never had one single update in the years I owned it, not one.  Nope. Zero. Zilch. NADA.
  • Overall not user friendly at all.
  • Also, it is not Bento.
  • Another also, it seems as those it will never be updates and they may even be closing.  Seeing as there is literally NO official information on it anywhere, we are left guessing.  If we are honest and look at the history of it, we can safely say the current system of it is probably dead in the water
  • It is also very important to know that their bodies/HUDs run off of an internal server so if or when TMP decides to shut those down, the bodies will stop functioning and the style HUD will be dead, though alpha should still work.  This will mean you can use the body with alpha but no longer be able to change clothing layers or any skin or cosmetic & such as applied via the HUD.  All bodies will be stuck as is. 


For those of you who are wanting to find a cheaper alternative for mesh bodies and/or heads, there are options out there, for both Male and Female AVs.  Below are some cheaper options that are still better than what TMP has to offer.

eBody :

  • $1L body in 2 styles for Female AVs only, no Male here.
  • No omega layers available on this one, but a lot of mesh will fit it and plenty is made just for it.
  • Not Bento, however has all the same basic features of any body, including an alpha HUD, just limited.
  • Has 3 feet positions and works with most Slink shoes.
    • See the Cheapies > Mesh Heads – Bodies – Parts section of the site for more info.



  • Male and Female Bento body/head combos.
  • Omega compatible
  • Bit harder to find clothing for it but it is getting more popular and still works with a lot of other mesh.
  • Store Group to join for $50L and gives you discounts on their new released bodies as well as gifts.
  • Most new releases are largely discounted for a while so you can get a full bento body/head combo for less than $1000L.
  • Some free options in their shop for group of the Teleport Hub group which is $10L (which currently gives you a full Bento Male body/head gift).
    • See the Cheapies > Mesh Heads – Bodies – Parts section of the site for more info.


Ok so now I have said my peace on all of that.  Just did not want people thinking OOHH cheap mesh body & head when in all honesty it’s cheap yes but non bento and frankly not worth the hassle of how it operates and the limited creations for it, whether it is skins or clothing.


Until next time.

Party on!


4 comments on “Do Not Get TMP!

  1. I’ve had the TMP male body and head for several years now. The only issues I have had with it is lack of Bento (hands are available thru Vista and there are skin appliers w/ Omega appliers for the hands, lack of clothing/designers are stopping their TMP lines, the alpha HUD is difficult to use and hard for those with bad vision, like myself, to see each and every alpha slice.

    The bodies and heads are nice and shaped great. The Applier HUD is great and I don’t get your complaint about it. I just bought a Belleza Jake body and Catwa head and I am FOREVER having to attach one applier HUD after the other just to change things around. At least with the TMP everything is centrally located in one HUD and corresponds to only those items worn at the moment. I have no issues with sliders in adjusting my body what-so-ever, so I don’t get what your problem was with it at all.

    Now with all that being said, I’m not defending the creators of the TMP, their blase attitude towards their customers or contempt for clothing/accessory designers but I do have to hand it to them when it comes to actually designing the body. They could have kept with the times and updated to Bento and redesigned the HUDs instead of getting greedy and just sitting back and doing nothing. Their arrogance and rude behavior is what did them in, not their product.

    I do believe one or several things may be taking place: They are closing up shop and trying to squeeze every last nickle and dime they can before they discontinue everything, they are luring in the newbies with unbelievably low prices and enticing them with all the free clothes and accessories, and/or, and this one actually fits their MO; it’s a bit more devious, is once they get all these new customers is to release an updated Bento version in which everyone who bought a body/head would now want to pay the higher price for Bento items such as a new head or hands.

    Just a few months ago they gave a survey and this might be their answer to it. We’ll never know since the survey results were never posted. I’ll give them credit where credit is deserved, but it’s too bad their attitude and actions, or lack of, is what’s killing them.

    1. Thank you for your feedback Nico.

      I do not disagree that their male body was done rather well, because it was, but the female body was not done nearly as well. Mostly it was the usability, lack of Omega, and overall total lack of support that became huge issues. Now days though the lack of Bento is also an issue and no one should have to buy more parts and appliers just to have something, not with the cost of what they had paid already.

      The alpha HUD was just poorly designed all around sadly. As for the applier HUD, opinions will vary, but it can be very difficult for new SL users and/or those just new to mesh & bodies, to grasp how it works in comparison to other popular HUD styles. I myself found it clunky and time consuming to use for all the scrolling and lag it could produce, such as just scrolling through installed skins. While it could be convenient to have it all in one HUD, it causes more issues than it helps solve at times. Yes you have to have multiple HUDs on for other bodies & heads but that is not really an issue as you can move them around on your HUD and have them open together as needed, which I do all the time. Everything still runs much faster and is far more user friendly than the TMP HUD on its own.

      To go along with all of that was the process of buying items via their store, which I will just say completely sucked and that no one should ever have to prepay a balance and use their HUD to buy things like that. The lack of overall items created for it was an issue then and a huge one now as may creators have pulled anything they had for it down and stopped creating for it, which I cannot blame for at all.

      Overall the idea of the article was not to just say TMP had issues, of which it had plenty, but that due to them, and the complete lack of information and support, there are better options for people out there in that price range or cheaper. Far too many people may not know what limits their products have and they sure as hell make it hard to find any proper information on anything, so I just put out what I knew and felt based on my experience.

      If there are people whom still wish to buy the body, then that is their choice and it is ok. While it is not my preference at all, I just wanted to make sure people were informed about what they could be getting into, as well as informing them that there are other options out there. I am not nearly alone in how I feel about it, and neither are you, but this way I could at least be blatantly honest about some of it so people can stop, see, and maybe inform themselves a bit more before spending the money, which is still far less than usual but no tiny amount.

      Also, you were very correct in pointing out that the way they ran things and their attitude were both huge factors that drove it into the ground. They also never did proper support or updates over the years and honestly, that alone is something that should make potential buyers wary.

      There are a ton of rumors going around about so many things such as they just want to get as much money as they can then cash out, to even that they have done this before under other names, etc.. True or not, though I do not doubt the possibility by any means, it is still best to stick to what is known for sure.

      Ok I will end here, but I do really appreciate that you posted and shared your experience and thoughts on it all as well. I hope others will take the time to read through all of this so they can get even more information than what I put.

      1. Oh I agree about the shopping HUD and having to buy “credits” in order to buy anything from them. What a racket…and once I did find myself at odds with them over a dispute of the cost of an item I had purchased, I can’t remember the details, but I felt like they had me bent over and gave it to me good. The whole clothes/stuff on the server is an issue as well. If they decide to turn off their servers then the items we have are inaccessible and we’ve lost everything. It’s just too bad that people have to be “people” and ruin things for the rest of us.

        1. Oh yeah in all honesty I do not trust any of them from there and would not want their stuff at all as I would be in fear that I would log on one day and not be able to use all the stuff I paid so much for. I am glad I got something else so I do not have that issue now.

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