The Artifact Hunt

So Astara and I were doing our usual SL exploring and came across something amazing, The Artifact Hunt, which is founded by Oriolus Oliva, the owner of Clockwork Bird (formerly Golden Oriole).

This is a grid wide hunt but is unique in how it works.  It does require a HUD, which has 2 available versions (details below).  This HUD will give you locations to teleport to and when you get there you will find a puzzle box.  If you can solve the puzzle in that box within the allotted time, you win a prize and/or Lindens. 

I will explain how it works for both the hunters and those who would like to take part in it and put your their own puzzle(s).




  • $oL
  • 15 Locations
  • Settings gear
  • Linden balance


  • $250L
  • Up to 50 locations stored at once (varies depending on current creator participants)
  • Access to jackpot puzzle at HQ
  • Type of puzzle at location
  • Type of gift at location
  • Treasure balance at location (see below for details)
  • Settings gear
  • Linden balance

*A treasure is the amount of Lindens a box currently has in it overall. This is the amount that can be won over time, not at once. The amount won each time depends on how the owner of that box set it up, so it may be $1L or $10L, etc..

*The HUD will keep any Lindens you win within it and you can cash them out at the HQ at any time, just look for the Withdraw terminal.  You can click the gear on your HUD (either version) and click Teleport to go directly back to the HQ starting point.

Grab your HUD at the The Expedition Hall HQ and teleport to the first location.  Just so you know, not all boxes are right where you land so you may have to explore a bit to get to some of them.  Once found, click on the box and it will open up to its puzzle and give you a timer countdown for how long you have to solve it.  Once you are done with that puzzle, just click the next button on your HUD and off you can go to somewhere else in SL and to another box.  Now do not worry if you don’t win every time, as you can go back and play each puzzle over and over, however each is different.  To find out how long you have until you can play a box again, just click that box after your attempt is done and it will tell you in local chat.


There are 5 types of puzzle boxes that you will run into: memory, riddle, 4 digit code, 3×3 puzzle, and 4×4 puzzle (we are pretty sure this one is just the devil  LOL).  It makes for a lot of fun as some are harder than others and you are timed so it can get rather challenging.  At the The Expedition Hall HQ starting point, there is one of each of these out for you to play and win prizes on, plus see how they work.

The jackpot puzzle game is at HQ as well, along the back wall with the other puzzles, scoreboard and the Withdraw terminal.

Be sure to join The Artifact Hunt Group, which is free. This is not required, but is always good for help and community.


If you are wanting to get involved by putting out your own puzzle box/boxes with prizes, it is rather simple to do.  Go to the The Expedition Hall HQ and there you will find all of the puzzle boxes for sale to buy.  I took a quick snapshot of the main area and you will find the boxes for sale on the left and right walls.


As mentioned above, there are 5 different ones.  Each one is texture change so it can have many looks with that one puzzle.  They are $385L each so not real spendy.  They are no copy so if you want to do multiple, you do need to buy each, however there are no other fees or anything after that.  You have control over what prizes and timers are involved with each box at your discretion.

It is asked that you do not put general freebies (or anything that is considered as such) into your boxes, but quality items.  Many people pay for their HUD, and it can be a challenge on top of that, so it is encouraged to make it worth while to do.

Once you have your box/boxes, just rez them out so they are easily visible then follow the instructions in the included notecard and you can get set up rather quickly. 

You can customize what gift(s) and/or Lindens you wish to give to anyone whom solves the puzzle(s).  All boxes are customizable via a menu so you can set the timer for how long someone has to complete the puzzle and even how long until they can try again.  If there are multiple gifts, they will be given to winners at random each time they play.

Boxes with riddles or a 4 digit code are customizable so you can make them whatever you want and change them whenever you choose.  You may also add as many as you want to each so it is not always the same thing asked. 

Once you get everything set up, the box will link with the central server and be added to the HUD so hunters will then be able to get to your location(s).


We have both already been playing this, with the free and pro huds, and can honesty say it is a lot of fun, though not necessarily easy (which is great in our opionon). 

Another aspect that is great about this is that it gets you out and about in SL and not just in one area, nor the usual find an item and go style hunt.  It is different and presents a unique experience that is not as common as we feel it should be these days. 

The Free HUD is ok for those who just want to find a few items and have a little fun.  We highly suggest you try this one first to see how you like it and get a feel for how it works.  It is basic but will be plenty for some people.

The Pro HUD is well worth the cost if you enjoy the challenge, extra details and the chance to win even more.  Having access to the jackpot puzzle at HQ is worth the cost alone as some prize pots are well over $500L each or more.  The extra locations are always good, but also having all of the extra information is great.  Seeing what type of puzzle is coming up, and the prizes available, is a great way to prepare yourself.

What we hope is that you will take the time to try it out and get into the spirit of the adventure it brings, not just the prizes.  It is an overall experience and we hope to see it continue to grow and evolve, with all of us along for the ride.

Until next time…


Party on!


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