The Salchicha County Exploration Adventure!

RC Cluster has an amazing sim called Salchicha County and they are having a full on exploring adventure that is open to all!  See the poster below or Flickr , along with other details on how to play below.

The goal is see if you can find all 4 maps that guide you through a series of hidden environments for you to explore.  Best of all, this is free to do for anyone!  Make sure to watch for hidden freebies and bonus tools.

Open now until forever with changes often!




•Search the ground level of the sim for the first ADVENTURE MAP! There are currently 4 maps that you will find along your adventure, each one leading to a new space. There will be different maps added later to change up the experience.

• There is a structured order that you could follow — but so what? You can jump around and explore as much as you want in this game because that’s what it’s about! – there’s not really a way to *win* anyhow.


• Turn your sounds on!
• There are tools that will help you throughout your adventure. Some tools will need to be added to your avatar to work.
• Don’t forget, The purpose of this little adventure is just for fun and exploration!
• READY? ok!
– The first Adventure Map can be found near the parking lot of the Main Store.

Salchicha County



As always, do not cam around or fly above 400m without a landmark or invitation.
Do not interrupt or ruin other people’s experience, and respect your fellow Salchichans!


Party on!


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