Fifty Linden Friday & Naria Panthar

One thing I always look forward to in Second Life is Fifty Linden Friday.  Each Friday a group of designers put out an item which can be new or old for just 50L.  The inworld group *click for link* is free to join if you would like to get the full list that way (it is also a pretty chatty and helpful group) or Seraphim puts up a gallery of pictures each week of the stores that were ready at the time of the Author checking out the items.


Alternatively, Youtuber Naria Panthar puts out a video each week of the Fifty Liden Friday stores.  She goes to each one, finds the item, and will give hilarious commentary on what she thinks as well trying things on.  We here at SLS find her incredibly funny and always look forward to her videos.  She is NSFW, but that is all part of the hilarity.  I check the Seraphim gallery each Friday morning and do my shopping but always watch Naria’s video on Friday even just because I enjoy her videos so much.



Naria also has a series called “Get Stuff For Free” where she goes to some of the big events in SL and grabs all the free gifts and shows them to us.  She is honest and lets you know what is good and what is junk what is all part of her appeal.  So go subscribe to her!  Currently, she has just passed 900 subscribers and is reaching for 1000 and when she does she is planning something special.  Now go, go subscribe to her and go check out this weeks FLF items!


♥ Astara

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