Let’s Riot & Go Fishing At Sn@tch

Nothing for me is more relaxing than fishing for Sn@tch.  No, not snatch, but Sn@tch.  Over at the Sn@tch Mainstore there are outfits that you can fish for using the 7 Seas fishing rods.  The game itself is free, you just need to purchase a fishing rod to play.  The Pro rod is 250L and comes with some perks, but if you just plan to play at Sn@tch for the fishing outfits then you can just grab the casual rod for 100L.  This is a 1-time purchase, you do not need to rebuy this for each round.  Once you have your rod, just unpack, equip and fish!  This rounds outfit is particularly awesome if you ask me, and I can’t wait to get the full set.



Also with fishing outfit change comes a change to the riot boards.  Riot boards are a fun way of getting a good deal on items.  The prices on these boards lower as more people join in.  To join, all you need to do is literally stand close to the boards so you are in its area of effect and the prices will start going down.  Sn@tch puts up full fatpacks of clothing and hair, with clothing going as low as 50L and the hair as low as 60L.  This time around we have some lingerie, some hair and a cute dress that I need right now.



Sn@tch is a great place to check out for some fun and unique items.  You can get some great deals and there is a freebies/cheapies table that is worth checking out too.  I hope you guys pop on down and start a riot with me because I need that dress.  Yes I do.

*Click for your private taxi to Sn@tch City*

♥ Astara

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