XOXO Hunt – Valentines Themed Game With Free Prizes

Valentines Day is almost upon us, and the XOXO Hunt *click for XOXO website* is here with gifts from all over the grid.  Prizes range from lingerie to nails, and jewelry to poses from 33 stores.  Although this is called a hunt, it is more of a game.  You need to “flirt” with the hunt item in the hopes that your advances spark its attention and you can win the prize by saying “xoxo” (lower case) in local chat.  If successful you win, and if not you can try again in 24 hours.  Each day your chances of succeeding increase.  However, if you don’t succeed or are just impatient you can buy the items from the stores for 50L each.

There is an optional game HUD you can use to find stores, and although you don’t need it I suggest grabbing it.  The HUD is super handy, fast loading and also shows you the prizes to each store as you click them.  So you can decide which stores you want to visit, which is pretty neat!  As you click a Slurl appears in local chat for you to click and TP to store you have selected.  Hunt Items are a valentines box and pretty easy to find.  This isn’t that kind of hunt where the item is hidden inside a doll head under a couch.

I made a video on my Youtube Channel about the Hunt too if you are interested.  I show you how to use the HUD, and show off a couple of prizes I have from Deadly Nightshade and Dark Passions.

This is a nice spin on the whole Grid Wide hunt thing, and it’s pretty fun.  I enjoyed playing this and I will be going back for the next few days to get the items I didn’t win.  This ends on Feb 18th 2018, so only 5 days left!  Better hurry and up my flirting game.

♥ Astara

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