Backdrops? Scenes? Photos? YES PLEASE!

So seeing all of the drama surrounding sims that have backdrops out for anyone to use, I figured I would add my own fuel to the fire.  Having just been to a sim recently for one of my first photos for My Flickr (shamless plug ftw!), why not share what I know with you all!  For all the haters and whiners, take it elsewhere.  For those of you whom are interested in some sims to take fun photos on, welcome and keep reading!  Seeing as everyone probably already knows about Backdrop City I will just lend them a free plug here and Backdrop City Flickr (opted out of limits btw) then move on to some other places you may not yet know about.

First up we have Backdrop Village which is a Moderate rated sim so no adult hanky panky (total sad face I know!).  You are able to rez out items for 30 minutes at a time then they are auto returned. You can double click teleport so it is super easy to get around.  Now, while there are a lot of different backdrops, they are used in different ways.  Some are in one area on their own so you can just use them as singles, but others are integrated throughout the sim in full scenes.  Many different buildings and props are used all over sim in different themed scenes, so make sure you explore.  I loved this place from the time I first teleported in and took some time to find some of the hidden nooks and crannies before taking a photo, as I mentioned before.  This sim is fairly new I believe but already has a good set up so I look forward to seeing what else they come up with.  They have Backdrop Village Flickr (opted out of limits) and a group you can join as well.

On to Backdrop Cove which is another really well set up sim.  This sim is also Moderate (sad face again) rated and allows you to rez for up to 60 minutes at a time, however it does not let you double click teleport anywhere so you have to explore the old fashioned way.  The main ground area of the sim is done up so well that you would not suspect it was just meant for photos.  Take your time to explore and find a lot of places to get some fantastic shots.  If you want to go directly to actual backdrops, click the sign at the landing point to get up to the skybox they are in.  Once there, you can walk around and see what you like or use the teleport board to get to themed areas.  They also have Backdrop Cove Flickr (opted out of limits) and a group you can join.

Now we have plenty of other great locations to explore and/or take photos on, so make sure you take a look at our Locations section of the site.  There may even be a section just for backdrops and such too, because we are sharing like that.


Until next time, keep it fun and dirty!


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