Hello Everyone!


We have begun to plug in a lot of helpful information and resources for you all.  From freebies to great shooting locations, we are doing our best to get it all for you.  Each tab has different information so make sure you check them all out.

More information will be posted each day so make sure to check in often.  Please be patient as we get the site filled up, as there are only a few of us doing all the work for now.  If you have any suggestions, please use our Contact Us form to send us any information.  We are more than glad to hear from you all.

Our Forums are up and ready for you all to register and sign in so feel free to do that as well.  We hope that you all will create your own SL community on here and share your experience and knowledge with each other so we may all get the most out of our time online.

Discord is another resource that is ready for you all to join.  Look for our invite on all pages, just scroll down and it is there on the right, or click SLS Discord Invite.  Once you join, our bot will greet you and automatically give you a Citizen tag so you may use those rooms.  You may all read the messages in the Sharing categories, but only some will have posting rights.  This is also new for us so there is not a ton going on yet, but feel free to help us with that!  If you are a blogger and/or store owner, etc., please let one of our Officials or Leadership know so we may give you the proper tag.  This will allow you to post in the Sharing rooms.

We have a calendar set up to keep track of events for you all.  If you click on the Calendar tab, you will see that you may even subscribe to it if you like.  If there are any events you would like to see us put up, please use our Contact Us form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Check in with us often as we have so much more coming for you very soon!


Your SLS Crew

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